Sidekick Glute Band Set (5 Bands Plus Carry Case)

Sidekick Glute Band Set (5 Bands Plus Carry Case)


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Baby Got Bands - Glute Bands!!!

We loved our Strength Bands so much that we decided to make them even better by using multi weave stretch fabric instead of latex. Your monster walks and glute bridges will be so much more effective with your Sidekick Glute Bands as they will stay in place and keep their shape. Less slipping, sliding and hair pulling!

Glute Bands are essential to your warm up and recovery and here is why:

Reason #1: Muscle Activation

The added resistance in your warm up activates your muscles so that they are ready to perform during your workout.

We love using these bands prior to any heavy leg workout, including Squats or Deadlifts, as well as prior to any running.

Reason #2: Muscle Strengthening

Muscle imbalance is a common reason why people get injured. If one aspect of your body is weaker than the other, your body tends to overcompensate with the stronger side, leading to injuries. These bands are an ideal solution to strengthen specific muscle groups so you can prevent any injuries.

Each purchase includes:

  • 5 bands in varying resistance levels
  • 1 carry case for travel

Band specifications:

  • 12” x 2”
  • Made of Multi weave Stretch Fabric 
  • Resistance levels: Extra-light to Extra-heavy.