Torque  Tank M2 GT  Team Trainer

Torque – Tank™ M2 GT – Team Trainer


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The TANKM2 GT package turns the TANK M2 into a complete sled training system that you can program group classes around. The package combines the TANK M2 with our XTGAK group accessory kit. The kit includes two V-Strap Handles, two Padded Waist Harnesses with Tow Straps, two 1.5? x 30? Tow Ropes with Quick Attach Carabiners, two Combination Cable Locks, and a Waterproof Nylon Drawstring Bag.

These combined features create a versatile piece of group training equipment that provides incredible savings. The GT package accessory kit allows you to utterly customize your sled weight training workout experience.

Depending on which accessories you use, you can tailor your workout to address several different muscle groups at once for a full body workout. Perfect for group training, you can train alongside other athletes for that extra moral support. If you are looking for just the Torque TANK without the accessory kit, click here.

Note: Weight plates shown are not included. Weight does not add to the resistance but is required in order to create traction for the wheels on some surfaces. Do not exceed the recommended weight of 270 lbs.