The demand for home fitness equipment has grown to levels never seen before.  Customers lined up at our store to make purchases, online orders and website visits often causing our site to crash.  Hundreds of email and phone inquiries a day have made it almost impossible to allow our staff to offer any kind of normal level of customer service.

Virtually all of our supplier factories in the last six months have been swamped with orders from all over the world. Many manufacturers have expanded additional production lines in their factories; even with the additional production lines they are struggling to keep up with demand.

We are presently facing import challenges due to several issues:

  1. The uncertainties in the sea freight market due to COVID-19, and the strict sanitary control measures at factories and ports are bringing disruptions and delays.
  2. Raw material suppliers are also operating at capacity and are often not able to keep up with demand.
  3. Shortage of containers and reduced sea freight capacity has meant that many of our orders are waiting to be loaded on containers or bumped off boats due to lack of room. This added demand has also resulted in a dramatic increase in freight rates.
  4. Rail delays once a shipment arrives in Canada are causing up to two-week delays at Port as they wait for a rail car to become available.
  5. We also are coming into the winter months and weather in Canada has the potential to cause additional delays.

We at AKFIT are doing our best to provide our customers with updates to the status of their order. Our staff is working hard to provide you with an up to date delivery schedule for your purchase based on information being given to us.

This is not an easy job as there are so many variables that can cause delays. When a major delay occurs, we will make sure you are made aware and, if possible, provided a new arrival date. We ask that you continue to show the patience that you have demonstrated so far.

AKFIT is committed to Bringing Fitness Home. We are all in this together.

Stay Safe and FIT,

-The AKFIT Team

We are now available to provide in home delivery, installation and service. We are incorporating special safety precautions.  Covid 19 screening forms must be completed the day of delivery. We are booking installations and service in the order in which they were placed.