How to select the right equipment for your Facility

Self-powered equipment: Fitness facilities want to maximize their equipment layout options and minimize the need for additional electrical power. x6000 User-friendly, simplified consoles: Despite tremendous advances in programming and interactive options, many users want to easily access a basic, manual program with the touch of a button. Fully programmable options are important, but need to be transparent enough for users to quickly understand. Strong warranties and simpler maintenance, service: With growing competition, this is an ongoing demand from facilities that want to minimize downtime, staffing and repair costs. Look for equipment with strong manufacturer warranties. Total-body workouts: The rower and cross-country skier were the predecessors to today’s increasingly popular total-body workout machines like; ellipticals, cross-trainers, xrides and vibration machines. Packed schedules necessitate time-efficient machines that maximize caloric-expenditure workouts and incorporate major muscle groups. Compatibility: Exercise equipment with built-in fitness networking, entertainment systems and TV’s are becoming popular. New, innovative equipment: The demand for the latest equipment is the driving force behind motivating, attracting and retaining members. For more information contact