Who is AKFIT?
AKFIT is a privately owned and operated, Sudbury based company, that supplies quality exercise equipment for home and commercial settings.

How long have you been in business?
We opened our first retail store in Sudbury, Ontario in 1989.

What distinguishes AKFIT from other fitness equipment companies?
Since AKFIT is privately owned and operated, we are able to give very personalized service to our customers. As exercise equipment specialists, our sales team consists of non commissioned fitness consultants who understand your unique fitness requirements; they are able to ensure you get the right equipment to get the results you want.

In what other ways do you differ from the competition?
As the exclusive authorized dealer for a large variety of quality exercise equipment, we are able to find the right piece of equipment that meets your needs. With our own service department, AKFIT is able to ensure you are able to use and enjoy your new equipment. Quality products, excellent service and competitive prices are what make AKFIT #1.

Do you deliver?
At AKFIT, we offer white glove delivery service throughout Northern Ontario. We also have established competitive delivery and shipping rates throughout Northern Ontario.

Do you provide installation?
Absolutely - at AKFIT our white glove delivery service includes installation for all our home and commercial products. Our installation technicians build, test and demonstrate how to use all products.

What if I move out of the area? Who will service the equipment I purchased at AKFIT?
Your warranty is with the manufacturer. At AKFIT, because we have our own internal service team, we take care of all warranty issues. We will be more than happy to find a dealer in your new area who will honour your product’s warranty.

Do you have trainers who can help me?
Yes we do. We have personal trainers who will come to your home or business for a comprehensive demonstration. Our trainers will design a personal program and show you how to do all the exercises safely and properly.

Do you price match with other companies?
As long as the competitor is an authorized dealer and includes all associated freight charges FOB Sudbury, and the product is not a floor model or discontinued product. Exceptions may occur during special sales events such as Black Friday and Boxing Day Events. Just send us a copy of the official quotation. Due to AKFIT‘s competitive pricing, we rarely encounter this situation.

Service FAQs

Will your technician come to my home (or site)?
Yes, due to size and weight of the products we service, usually on-site service is recommended and preferred.

Is there a charge to come to my home (or site)?
Due to the large area we service, we must charge a separate travel fee for on-site service for non-warranty and warranty work outside of our normal service area.(25km). Please call for an affordable rate.

Can I bring my product into your store for service.
You may bring your product to one of our specified service depots provided if you have made an appointment prior to bring in the product.

Will bringing my product to a service depot eliminate a travel fee?
Yes, you will eliminate travel fees by bringing your product to a service depot and picking it up. However, most customers find that the on-site service and associated fees are more reasonable than the expense and effort involved to bring your equipment to one of our depots.

What are your hours for on-site service?
We schedule technicians between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday. During peak season we offer weekend and evening service.

Do I have to wait at my house all day for a scheduled appointment?
No. If you prefer, we will narrow the service time to a morning (9am – 1pm) or afternoon (after 12pm) window for your convenience. Unfortunately due to the nature of service we can not set up specific times.

Do your technicians carry all the parts needed to fix my equipment?
No. Each technician is authorized to service all major brands we carry, and all lines and models from each manufacturer, both past and current. Models change every few years and many times we service equipment 10 years old. It would require millions of dollars worth of inventory at each service depot location. Even if this were possible, transporting all the components for your specific machine and other machines on the day of your service would be impossible.

Will my repair always require a separate trip for a diagnosis and another one for repair?
No. Many times problems can be rectified without parts. Other times, technicians have extremely common, smaller parts on hand and can repair your machine in one trip. If your machine requires parts the technician does not have on hand, they will likely have to be ordered, and a return repair trip made.

Will I be charged a travel fee if the technician makes two or more trips to my home (site)?
If it is based on a diagnostic and a repair trip, yes. These are considered legitimate trips and a travel fee would apply to each individually for on-site service. If an extra trip is ever made to your home (site) for a reason such as a mis-diagnosis or an incorrect part, you will not be charged for this extra trip, and would only be responsible for the legitimate trip(s) whether they be diagnostic or repair.

Can your tech bring the right part if I explain the problem when scheduling the appointment?
We do our best to recommend and coordinate parts in order to have them available prior to service trips if at all possible. Even our most experienced of technicians will not be able to make a phone diagnosis the majority of the time as there are tests and checks required to determine the cause of most problems. In general, a technician must be on site to make an accurate diagnosis.

Product FAQs

What’s the hottest piece of equipment on the market?
Although variety is still the key, total body machines like cross trainers, xrides and vibration machines are becoming the equipment of choice for most people looking for a fast and effective way to workout.

Will the equipment I want fit in the space I have?
If possible, AKFIT will visit your site or you can provide the room measurements of your existing or future space, and we will then provide you with a customized floor plan to meet your needs.

What type of treadmill would you recommend for your use?
Treadmills tend to fall into 4 categories based on user demand and type of facility:
  1. A consumer treadmill is designed for personal use within a home and does not have any commercial warranty.
  2. An institutional treadmill is one that is in a non-paying facility that receives up to 3 hours of use per day.
  3. A light commercial treadmill is one that is built to withstand usage of 4 to 6 hours of use per day.
  4. A full commercial treadmill is one that has no limit to the amount of hours used per day or type of facility.

How long will it take for me to receive my product?
AKFIT stocks as much available inventory as possible to provide our customers with expedient delivery. We have most cardiovascular equipment in stock and can frequently deliver it within 7 – 10 business days of purchase. For those purchases that require special ordering, the lead-time is dependent on the manufacturer chosen, and the time of year.

Can I preview equipment I am interested in buying?
AKFIT has a large selection of consumer products for you to “try before you buy”. Due to the large selection of commercial products available, we floor limited commercial products. The best way to see the variety of commercial products is to see it in the field, we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to view our equipment at various facilities.

Can you customize my upholstery color?
Many of the strength manufacturers offer customization of upholstery. There maybe an additional charge and an increase in delivery time to accommodate this request.

Can I preview equipment I am interested in buying?
AKFIT does floor some commercial products. The best way to see the variety of products is to see it in the field. That’s why we will schedule an appointment for you to view our equipment at various facilities.

Are there instructional plaques or directions provided with the equipment? Most equipment provides instructions for usage on the machine or on the console of the product, and a user manual is provided with each purchase.

What brand names do you sell?
AKFIT offers equipment from most of the leading manufacturers in the fitness industry.

Do you service the equipment you sell?
AKFIT has its own Customer Service Centre which includes certified service technicians. Our technicians are factory authorized to maintain and repair any equipment we sell and comply with all manufacturers warranty agreements. Our parts department stock thousands of parts for all types of equipment.