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Our Services

We Service What We Sell

AKFIT Service Department offers:

  1. A dedicated service department, open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00 pm, staffed with knowledgeable service technicians.
  2. A live representative to ensure your phone call is answered.
  3. Trained service technicians who address each service call individually, based on a variety of factors to determine the most efficient and cost effective service solution for the customer.
  4. A custom service management software is used to enable us to properly manage and track your service issue from start to finish.
  5. A complete parts warehouse and dedicated parts personnel to manage our parts.
  6. A service representative who will contact you within 48 hrs of initiating your service request, to establish a course of action.
  7. An average response time of typically 7 business days from the time we receive your request until the time the technician arrives on site to diagnose. (Peak seasons and call volumes can affect response time. While we cannot guarantee a response time, we do everything possible to ensure your issue is addressed as quickly as possible).



We Warranty What We Sell

At AKFIT we sell only the best brands of exercise equipment available on the market. All products come standard with manufacturer warranties. However, not all manufacturers offer the same warranty, that’s why we ensure that you understand the warranty prior to purchasing your equipment. It is important that our customers understand that certain products that are purchased are NOT covered under warranty if used in institutional or commercial environments. Some warranties can include parts and or labor. All warranty work should be performed by an authorized service centre. Some manufacturer warranties are voided if they are not performed by an authorized technician. Manufacturers’ warranties do not cover the cost of getting the product to an authorized service center or an authorized service technician to your premise. At AKFIT we provide on-site warranty work for all our commercial and consumer customers free of charge within 25km of our stores. If you are out of our area and require warranty work, we offer affordable set travel charges for on-site warranty work.



We Offer 3rd Party Service

At AKFIT we extended our service to include products sold from department stores. We have established relationships with several department store brands of equipment. If your product requires service during warranty you will need to contact the manufacturer to dispatch our company for service. If your product is no longer under warranty you can contact our service department directly at (705) 560-1550 or by email:service@akfit.com



Parts Department

At AKFIT our fully stocked parts department is the only of its kind in Northern Ontario. We carry a wide array of manufacturer replacement parts as well as affordable generic replacement parts. By providing us with model number and serial numbers we can access any part you may require. AKFIT provides 30 day price quotes on all parts orders.

  • NO Hidden fees.
  • NO Hidden Duty costs.
  • NO Hidden Brokerage fees.
  • NO unknown US exchange rate fees.
  • NO unknown shipping and handling fees
  • All parts are sold in Canadian Funds.

Your orders are shipped directly to you at a predetermined cost.


We Offer Maintenance Plans

In an increasingly competitive fitness industry, we realize keeping your equipment working properly is your number one concern. We understand your facility may not have qualified staff, specific tools and time to be able to perform proper maintenance on all your equipment. By implementing our Maintenance Plans we can significantly improve your equipment’s performance, safety, reliability and down time. Working together with our technicians, we will develop a maintenance plan based on the manufacturers recommended guidelines that will save you money and time. Our Maintenance Plans are designed to be effective and affordable. We will review with you and your staff our Maintenance Plan prior to starting. In order to maximize your Preventative Maintenance Plan we will outline your responsibilities, as well as ours in maintaining your equipment. Our customized maintenance checklists include detailed information outlining the specifics for each piece of equipment such as:


  • Cleaning
  • Inspecting
  • Adjusting
  • Lubricating
  • Diagnosing
  • Testing

Upon completion, a copy of the Maintenance Checklist is provided for your records. Recommendations and any possible problems will be noted and recorded on the form for your consideration. Our advanced computerized software tracks your Maintenance Plans and keeps complete details for each piece of equipment. Our plan will:

  • Reduce the number of “Out of Order” signs on your equipment.
  • Maximize the life expectancy of your equipment.
  • Improve the performance of your equipment.
  • Reduce the cost of emergency repairs.
  • Increase equipment safety.
  • Provide complete maintenance records to assist you if a liability issue arises.
  • Provide a database to identify the performance and reliability of your equipment for consideration in future purchases.
  • Each year prior to renewing your agreement, our technician will review your plan and provide a summary to help determine the best solution for your facility’s maintenance and service needs.



We Offer Service Plans

To further assist our commercial clients we provide annual maintenance and service agreements. This tailored plan is designed not only to provide equipment maintenance but to include a predetermined number of emergency service calls per year. Replacement Parts are not included in the cost of the agreement, and are the responsibility of the customer. Parts quotations and approval are provided prior to any parts being replaced. Customers have benefited from our maintenance and service agreement plans. They are able to ensure their equipment is serviced as quickly as possible. Facilities no longer have to wait to get approval to have a technician dispatched to service their equipment. No more unexpected bills for service calls. Our service agreements allow you to budget by providing a predetermined cost for the maintenance and servicing of your equipment for the entire year. Our Service agreements can be structured to be billed monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually to suit your cash flow. We provide a detailed service report for each visit for your personal record



We Deliver and Install

AKFIT’s service department is pleased to offer our valuable customers quality delivery and installation on all equipment purchased. Delivery and installation charges vary depending on the type of equipment and location. Due to the nature of the equipment weight, footprint and height limitations on where your equipment can be delivered and installed can occur. Prior to having any equipment delivered and installed it is your responsibility to ensure the product fits. When delivering if the equipment cannot be delivered to the location of your choice an alternative location within the home (facility) must be chosen.
This information will be discussed with you at time of Sale with your Sales Consultant and a “Customer Delivery and Installation Agreement Form must be completed. Please download forms for reference.
Retail Delivery and Installation Agreement Form
Commercial Delivery Installation and Shipping Form



We Do Relocations

AKFIT’s service department is pleased to offer our valuable customers the opportunity to relocate their fitness products. When deciding to relocate your product within your home or to another location please contact our service department a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. Availability of this service depends greatly on the time of year, products to relocate and destination. Our Service department will require a complete list of equipment make and model and current and future location addresses. (We may request pictures) Quotes will be provided to you in advance and will be based on ALL equipment currently assembled and in working order. AKFIT will not be responsible for equipment not working or functioning properly prior to relocating. For quote or more information Contact us at service@akfit.com



We Offer Training Workshops

In order for maintenance to work, owners and managers must make it a priority. This means facilities should be properly staffed. If existing employees are expected to perform maintenance on the equipment they should be made aware of:

  • The risks involved.
  • The assumed liability.
  • The necessary skills and tools required.

Since each product and each manufacturer’s brands have specific maintenance requirements, we have developed specific training workshops for all products:

  • Treadmill
  • Crosstrainer/Ellipitical
  • Bike
  • Climber
  • Rower
  • Vibration Machine
  • Selectorized Strength Equipment

To assist facilities who wish to perform their own equipment maintenance, we will develop a specific training workshop based on your facility’s equipment and specific manufacturer’s brands. Our workshops are designed to allow your staff to become more familiar with the practices and procedures involved with preventative maintenance. The cost of the training depends on the number of employees taking the training and the specific equipment being reviewed. Our training workshops include:

  1. Hands on Practical Training
  2. Theoretical Training
  3. Customized facility maintenance manual
  4. Product schematics
  5. Individual Product Maintenance schedules
  6. Equipment Repair Log sheets
  7. Maintenance Tip sheets
  8. Daily Cleaning Guidelines
  9. Recommended Tool Kit List
  10. Recommended Factory Replacement Parts
  11. Customer Parts Order Form

This training is designed to provide your staff with instructions and guidelines for implementing an in-house preventative maintenance program. It does not provide your staff with the qualifications or skills to perform any service, nor does it imply your staff to be factory-trained on any manufacturer’s equipment.



We Offer Personal Fitness

When you choose RoomFIT by AKFIT you get much more than high quality equipment you get the value-added services that help you get the results you want. Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA) call for prices

  • Identify and set personal fitness goals
  • Complete Body fat analysis
  • Indicate daily exercise and nutritional requirements

Personal Fitness Program (PFP) call for pricesA personal exercise program designed to meet your individual fitness needs based on your equipment. One-on-One Training Sessions (OTS) call for prices30, 45 and 60 minute one-on-one training session in the comfort of your own home Home Gym Package call for prices

  • Personalized Fitness Assessment
  • Personal Fitness Program
  • One-on-One 45 minute Training Session



We Offer Corporate Fitness

Many modern day employers are jumping on the fitness train many employers are now getting behind endorsing corporate health incentives as a means to keep down health care costs and improve employee fitness and health overall.
Employers have realized that when employees are fit in both mind and body, they are better equipped to cope with life pressure and complete tasks better at work.

Sick employees or out of shape employees are a lot more likely to suffer an injury, and normally require more recovery time. By implementing a company fitness plan as a piece of a workday schedule, staff are more efficient, and more likely not to take a leave or be absent due to disease or sickness. Employee fitness is a great benefit to a company not just in productivity, which we all know increases their bottom line; it also literally drives down overall costs, as medical expenses are reduced when employees are healthy, not to mention an increase in staff moral and a reduction employee turnovers.
Corporate fitness is a smart move for any company. The idea just makes sense, from the health and productivity of current employees to recruiting new staff, incorporating an employee fitness program will pay dividends down the road.

To learn more about our corporate fitness services click on our “Corporate Fitness Brochure” available in PDF form.



Commercial Equipment Financing

At AKFIT Fitness superstore we understand that financing can be a critical and important component for any successful business. AKFIT has partnered ourselves with some of the best equipment leasing and finance companies in Canada. To learn more contact us at 1-866-Go AKFIT or email: sales@akfit.com.

Why Lease?

Conserve Your Cash
Leasing allows you to conserve cash and leverage up the buying power of operating or capital budgets, and overcome budget limitations

100% Financing
Unlike other forms of financing such as a loan, you typically do not make any down payment on a lease and installation and warranty may be included.

Preserve Lines of Credit
Valuable cash and lines of credit are preserved to grow your business – leasing allows you to maintain a steady budgeted cash flow. No one in business experiences financial difficulty because they have too much cash on hand.

Potential Income Tax Benefits
In many instances, leasing provides income tax benefits and the assets do not appear on the balance sheet. Debt to equity ratios are unaffected. Office equipment leases can be written off entirely as a rental expense.

Match Expenses to Revenue
Leasing allows you to add extra equipment and accessories for very small monthly costs as part of the lease. As an example, you can add additional consumables or supplies and accessories up front into the lease to be carried over the long-term. This allows you to buy additional items or supplies you will need to maintain or use the equipment and cover them in the lease payments at present value.

No Pre-Payment of Taxes
The HST on rentals is paid over the term of the lease; you do not prepay these taxes in full up front.

Tailored Payments
Repayment can be tailored to your cash flow and budgeting needs! Often the first 3 month’s payments are set to zero to allow the equipment to generate income

Choose the Type of Lease That is Right for You

  • 10% Purchase Option.
    Businesses can benefit from a guaranteed early purchase option of 10% of the equipment subtotal at the specified month, or the lease can stretch to a longer term and be FMV. This lease shows all costs in writing and provides ease of budgeting, maximum tax flexibility, and yet the benefits of a guaranteed purchase for those who want to own their equipment .
  • Fair Market Value.
    Ideal for technology that you wish to rent but not necessary lease to own. At end of the term, businesses may buy the equipment for Fair Market Value or return it to the Lessor.
  • $10.00 Purchase.
    Similar to a 10% buyout, this lease affords a guaranteed purchase option in writing but the option amount is $10.00 and considered a bargain purchase and therefore more of a traditional finance structure.