IRONAX XCL Compact Leg Sled

IRONAX XCL Compact Leg Sled


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The Ironax XCL Compact Leg Sled is one of the most sleek and compact leg press machines you will ever use. This unit is a carriage driven sled that glides on carefully designed ultra-low resistance nylon wheels with sealed bearings. Our unit will have you doing full calf raises while still having a compact footprint.


Our sled is compact, smooth and quite as a result of our nylon bearing wheels. The solid steel guide rods support a carriage with 8 wheels that prevent laterial movement and provide precise and smooth motion top to bottom.

To alleviate as much stress as possible on your back use the adjustments possible with the seat, back pad and adjustable angle footplate. Perform your exercises with comfort while locking yourself into place with our hand grips.

We include an additional foot tube for calf raise exercises. All this in a compact and quiet unit that you will not regret.