PRO-14 Pro Hooks

PRO-14 Pro Hooks


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Ballistic nylon construction

Velcro closure to easily adjust wrist support

Heavy duty 1/4 metal hook

Built-in 2 in 1 neoprene padded wrist support and lifting aid

Premium nylon webbing on wrist

Heavy steel buckle

For use with all bars


Ballistic nylon for more effective abrasion resistance and durability

Velcro closure for easier adjustability

Provides supplemental grip reducing hand and finger fatigue

Enhances grip for heavier lifting

Maximizes your workout and allows you to increase weight used and number of repetitions

Can be used for most exercises and on all machines and sized bars

Built-in added wrist support to aid in heavier lifting

Padding on wrist provides a high degree of added comfort

The Hooks increase your ability to lift without over-straining grip and wrist function

Great training aid for users seeking a safe, controlled, supported grip