ProGryp Military Lift Straps

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  • Fully adjustable
  • Super re-enforced nylon inner lining
  • Awesome original cameo design
  • 1 1/2 wide, provides 20% more gripping surface than conventional 1 1/4 lifting straps
  • 21 1/2 long overall length
  • Designed to fit all sizes
  • Cotton outer layer provides comfort
  • Nylon inner layer provides strength and durability
  • Wider strap gives user fuller and stronger grip
  • Longer length straps provides a higher degree of safety and a stronger more powerful grip
  • Maximizes your workout and allows you to increase weight used and number of repetitions.
  • Reduces finger and hand fatigue
  • Great looking camo design

How to Use Lifting Straps

To properly utilize these basic lifting straps for your workouts, follow these three simple steps:

Step one: Take the end of the strap without the loop and thread it through the loophole. Do this with both straps.

Step two: Place on hand through the loop that you just created in the strap and make sure the band lays flat against the back of your hand and wrist. Pull the strap to tighten it and allow any excess length to hang down from your palm between your index finger and thumb.

Step three: Loop the excess length around your barbell or dumbbell and pull it tight to secure your grip on the bar.

Customers ask:

- What are the best lifting straps for improving grip strength and reducing hand fatigue?
- How can I increase the weight and number of repetitions in my workouts safely?
- Where can I find fully adjustable lifting straps with a comfortable and durable design?
- What are the benefits of using lifting straps with a wider and longer design?
- How do I properly use lifting straps to maximize my workout efficiency?

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