Spirit Fitness Commercial Air Bike (AB900)

Spirit Fitness Commercial Air Bike (AB900)


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Spirit Fitness AB900 Commercial Air

The AB900 Fan Bike from Spirit Fitness is a commercial-grade upright exercise bike utilizing air driven resistance to deliver an upper and lower body workout. This classic-styled air bike syncs upper body handles with foot pedal cranks for full body engagement during exercise. With its dynamic, air-driven resistance system, this fitness bike is a powerful tool for all types of training situations from low RPM, low load rehabilitation to high performance, high intensity interval training (HIIT). Isokinetic resistance matches the user's effort, meaning the harder the user pedals and pumps the handles, the more air is drawn through the fan thus generating higher resistance to work against. In addition to providing total body exercise, the AB900 allows upper-body only training. Large, round knurled foot pegs enable the user to securely position their feet away from moving pedals. With lower body disengaged from the exercise, upper-body muscles such as chest, back, shoulders, arms, and core push and pull for strength and endurance training. The compact design and transportation wheels allow the AB900 to be moved and placed anywhere in a training zone for easy CrossFit programming integration. Reinforced handlebars, a combination windscreen and sweat guard, and heavy duty chain direct-drive make this the perfect training bike for any commercial setting where low maintenance, durability, and longevity are key requirements.

 How is Resistance on an Air Bike Controlled? 

Air bikes are easy to use. There are no resistance knobs to adjust. Control over the resistance is obtained by simply varying the pace of pedaling and of the push and pull on the moving arms. Typically, exercising at a slower pace generates a lower resistance from the flywheel, enabling a cardiovascular endurance workout that can be sustained for extended periods of time. Higher pace exercise involving faster pedaling and more forceful pushing and pulling on the moving arms creates a greater resistance level that will deliver a greater muscle endurance or anaerobic workout. 

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