Torque X-Create 2-Sided Center 2 Module

Torque X-Create 2-Sided Center 2 Module


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The base of our X-Create 2-Sided Center systems. Start here and choose how many base modules you need, then add Module and Attachment Options to build your custom X-Create. Each base module comes standard with 2 Pull-up Stations, 4 Suspension Anchors, and Urethane boots to cover anchoring hardware. Designed to fit in the middle of your functional exercise space to provide accessory storage and the maximum amount of group training stations. Main Options / Substitutions and Accessory Packages:

Module Options:

  • Storage Module(XCREATE-4SM)
  • Stall Bars(XCREATE-4SB)
  • Ball and Hanging Storage(XCREATE-4BHS)
  • Module Extension(XCREATE-8UME)
  • Bridge & Monkey Bar Options(See X-Create Bridge)
  • Ball Target Wall (XCREATE-4BTW)

Attachment Options:

  • Ball Target(XCREATE-BT)
  • Battle Rope Anchor(XCREATE-BRA)
  • Ball & Hanging Storage Extension(XCREATE-BHSE)
  • Horizontal Ground Rotational Trainer(XHMGRT)
  • Bar/Weight Storage(XCREATE-DP)
  • Dip Attachment(XCREATE-DA)
  • Plyo-Step Attachment(XCREATE-PSA)
  • 3D Heavy Bag Swivel(XCREATE-3DS)
  • 3D Heavy Bag Swivel with Mount(XCREATE 3DSM)
  • Endless Rope(XERD)
  • Rock Climbing Grips(XCREATE-RCK)
*X-Create systems are required to be bolted to a concrete sub-floor.