XM Cannonball Pull Up Bar

XM Cannonball Pull Up Bar


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The XM Cannonball Pull Up Bar offers the most pull up options in a single attachment. In one bar you get: 3" & 4" pull-up spheres, 1.25" thick handles, neutral & standard grip, angled & straight grip.

The XM Cannonball Pull Up Bar installs easily to any XM Rig or XM commercial half rack (hardware included). Create a versatile and compact training station that fits in any gym.


- Installs easily into Power Racks with 3" tubing.

- Build forearm and grip strength quickly.

- Offers wide, narrow, neutral, pronated, and supinated grip options.

- All steel construction.


- Weight: 42lb

- Overall length: 52"

- Cannonball : 4" (outside) 3" (inside)

- Distance Bar Extends from Rack: 17.5