X-Create 1 Module Storage Wall (Platinum 2)


Designed to fit against a wall or on the edge of your functional exercise space to provide accessory storage and the maximum amount of group training stations. Shown here in 5 preconfigured packages, each storage module comes standard with 1 Pull-up Stations, 2 Suspension Anchors, and Urethane boots to cover anchoring hardware.
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X-Create Uprights are available in the following colors:

Satin Black

Main Options / Substitutions and Accessory Packages:
Module Options:
Add Storage

Storage Module (XCREATE-4SM)

Accessory/Weight Storage Module (XCREATE-4AWSM)

Ball and Hanging Storage (XCREATE-4BHS)

Add Functionality

Olympic Lifting Station Module (XCREATE-8OLS)

Stall Bars (XCREATE-4SB)

Ball Target Wall (XCREATE-4BTW)

TANK Docking Module (XCREATE-4TDM)

Bridge & Monkey Bar Options (See X-Create Bridge)

Module Extension (XCREATE-8UME)

Attachment Options:
Add Storage

Ball & Hanging Storage Extension (XCREATE-BHSE)

Bar/Weight Storage (XCREATE-DP)

Vertical Weight Plate Storage (XCREATE-8UVWS)

Vertical Dumbbell Storage (XCREATE-VDS4)

Hanging Storage Hook (XCREATE-HSH)

Add Functionality

Ball Target (XCREATE-BT)

Battle Rope Anchor (XCREATE-BRA)

Resistance Band Anchor (XCREATE-RBA)

Horizontal Ground Rotational Trainer (XHMGRT)

Dip Attachment (XCREATE-DA)

Plyo-Step Attachment (XCREATE-PSA)

3D Heavy Bag Swivel (XCREATE-3DS)

3D Heavy Bag Swivel with Mount (XCREATE 3DSM)

Top Boom Extension (XCREATE-TBE)

Endless Rope (XERD)

Rock Climbing Grips (XCREATE-RCK)

Multi-Grip Cross (XCREATE-4MGX)

Hardware Cover Finish Kit (XHCFK-18BH)

Storage Packages:

Kettlebell Package (X4KBPI)

Medicine Ball Package (X4MBPI)

Slam Ball Packages (X4SBP1I & X4SBP2I)

Torpedo Bag Package (X4TBPI)

Wall Ball Package (X4WBP1I)

Ball & Hanging Storage Package (XBHSEAPI)

3 Module Accessory Package (XC-3MAP)

5 Module Accessory Package (XC-5MAP)

*X-Create systems are required to be bolted to a concrete sub-floor.



Frame 95.8” (243 cm)

Upright Color Options
Platinum and Satin Black

10 year frame and welds/1 year parts/90 days misc.

Storage Wall


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