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100+ Facilities Across Northern Ontario

Facility Planning

New Project? Upgrading? We cover all bases.


No matter what stage you're in, we have the tools to bring your vision to life and show you whats possible.


Eliminate heavy upfront cost and leverage flexible payment options to make the most of your capital.


Professional installation and extensive service programs, optimize facility performance and eliminate downtime.

Render to Reality

Your Dreams.
Our Expertise.
One Vision.

Unlock Hidden Potential

with powerful design tools. AKFIT can help you visualize potential equipment layouts, room layouts & color schemes, decals & more.


AKFIT offers fitness flooring installation services for facilities of all types. Our streamlined process includes detailed planning, equipment removal or temporary relocation, and any desired customizations for a durable, attractive result.


Medical, Education, Municipalities, Military, Police, Non-Profit, Franchises, Private Clubs, Corporate Fitness, Elite Home Gyms...


Commercial Service Centre

Flexible Facility Service & Maintenance Plans


 Annual Health Check: Once a Year Comprehensive Inspection

  • Structural integrity check and bolt tightening
  • Cable and pulley system assessment
  • Upholstery and pads inspection for wear and tear
  • Lubrication of essential moving parts
  • Full safety and performance evaluation
  • Software diagnostic and update
  • Power systems and connectivity check

Ideal for: Low-traffic facilities or machines with less frequent use.


Bi-Annual Performance Tune-Up: All Bronze services, plus; Twice a Year Preventative Maintenance

  • Additional mid-year inspection and adjustment of cables and pulleys
  • Bi-annual lubrication refresh and alignment optimization
  • Functional testing of consoles and electronic components
  • Inspection and cleaning of motors and internal mechanisms

Ideal for: Facilities with regular usage, ensuring consistent performance and preventing unexpected issues.


 Monthly Excellence Program: All Silver services, plus; Monthly Detailed Servicing

  • Priority response for service requests
  • Monthly structural and cosmetic inspection
  • Wear and tear components check with immediate replacement as needed
  • Regular software updates and diagnostics
  • Electrical safety tests and optimization
  • Customized client reports to track equipment status and service history

Ideal for: High-traffic facilities demanding peak equipment performance and minimal downtime.

Modular Gym Systems

Transforming Community & Workforce Wellness

Modular Construction

Sleek & sustainable, site specific solutions that integrate into existing infrastructure with ease.

Turnkey Operation

Intuitively designed for users at all levels of fitness with essential club amenities.

Remote Optimization

Specifically designed for communities, and work camps with remote site support and service plans.


Commercial gyms come in all shapes and sizes, and may be standalone or part of a larger organization which needs a dedicated space for training. Since first opening over three decades ago, we've designed, outfitted, updated and provided maintenance to just about every type of organization you can imagine. A lot has changed in that amount of time, and today we are under new ownership and evolving to better serve you. Read on to learn more about AKFIT's current offerings, products and services for businesses and facilities of all types.


Why trust AKFIT with your fitness needs?

  • Wide Variety of Product brands and types
  • Assist with determining your needs
  • Assist in choosing the correct equipment for you
  • 3D Assisted Design of spaces optimized to your needs
  • Offer Delivery and installation
  • Offer Leasing and Financing options
  • Provide preventative maintenance plans
  • Service what we sell
  • Help from trained commercial fitness experts throughout the entire process


AKFIT will provide a 3D Design along with your quote to help you envision the layout and functionality of your fitness space.


At AKFIT Fitness Specialty Store we understand that financing can be a critical and important component for any successful business. AKFIT has partnered ourselves with some of the best equipment leasing and finance companies in Canada.


At AKFIT we provide on-site warranty work for all our commercial and consumer customers free of charge within 25km of our stores. If you are out of our area and require warranty work, we offer affordable set travel charges for on-site warranty work.


In an increasingly competitive fitness industry, we realize keeping your equipment working properly is your number one concern. We understand your facility may not have qualified staff, specific tools and time to be able to perform proper maintenance on all your equipment. By implementing our maintenance plans we can significantly improve your equipment’s performance, safety, reliability and down time.


Note: Please allow 24 hours for us to respond to your inquiry. If you have questions involving product availability or technical specifications, please call us instead.