Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel 30″ D-Handle Bar Cable Attachment w/ Carabiners

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Meet the multi-tool of cable attachments.
With the D-Handle Bar, you can perform cable exercises at new widths, angles, and ranges, so your muscles and joints can live in harmony.

Benefits of the D-Handle Bar

The D-Handle Bar is the king of versatility. It has holes that fit standard carabiners (two are included for free), so you can easily switch between different cable attachments like adjustable nylon handles, rubber d-handles, and single tricep ropes. You can also change the angle of your attachments by clipping the carabiner through the top OR bottom center hole of the D-Handle Bar, which will let you target your muscles from different angles and ranges of motion 🤯

We get it; even the most ergonomic cable attachments can feel off for certain people — this is where the D-Handle Bar shines brightest. It features 25 carabiner holes on each side, so you can adjust your cable attachments inwards or outwards by as little as 0.5 inches. This allows you to use an attachment, angle, and width that suits your personal mechanics and preferences. This also lets your joints move more naturally and freely, which can reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance 💪

The D-Handle Bar is compatible with almost all single-cable machines, such as a lat pulldown machine or functional trainer. And thanks to the open center hole, you can also use it with a barbell in a landmine attachment! Just slide the D-Handle Bar over the barbell’s sleeve, and position your cable attachments narrow or wide to work your back muscles in different ways. Your weight plates will keep the attachment locked in place, so you can focus on that sweet, sweet muscle burn 🔥

Specs - D-Handle Bar

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 5.25lb/2.40kg
Length 30"/762mm
Depth 2.75"/70mm
Height 4.25"/108mm
Inner Sleeve Diameter 51mm
Hole Spacing 0.5"/12.7mm
Coating Black Powder Coat
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: While a powder coat offers resistance to rust and abrasion, it can still be scratched from the metal-on-metal contact of carabiners — wear & tear on the coating is expected with the D-Handle.

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