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Reduce Noise & Prevent Damage

You asked, the makers of AbMat delivered! Crash Cushions™ are the cost-effective way to reduce noise, protect your floors and equipment, and keep the neighbors happy and the baby asleep while you pursue your lifting goals.

These high-quality, shock-absorbing pads are proudly made in the USA and are designed to withstand the pressure of all your lifting needs, including Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Backed by a one-year warranty, they are ideal for home and commercial gyms as well as small lifting spaces.

Crash Cushions ™ were created to offer an affordable alternative to more expensive noise-dampening pads, without affecting quality. And we wanted to create and manufacture a product in the United States so we got to work refining and came up with the solution, by way of Crash Cushions™.

Don’t let the fear of damaging your equipment, your floors, or your relationships stop you from lifting. Let Crash Cushions ™ bear the weight so your floors don’t have to!


• Made in the USA
• Sold in Pairs
• Weight: 23 LBS (46 LBS total)
• Footprint: 30” x 24”
• Height: 6”
• Materials: 18 oz Ripstop Vinyl
• Includes 2” seatbelt webbing straps for carrying
• Color: Black
• AbMat branding in white on black
• One-year warranty

Customers ask:

- How can I reduce noise and protect my floors while weightlifting at home?
- What are the best shock-absorbing pads for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting?
- Where can I find affordable noise-dampening pads for my home gym?
- What equipment can help me lift weights without disturbing my neighbors or waking my baby?
- Are there any high-quality, American-made lifting pads with a warranty available for purchase?

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