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BOS Aluminum Technique Bar

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It's time to retire your technique dowel.

The Aluminum Technique Bar is a more functional alternative, but that’s just a TECH-nicality.

Benefits of the Aluminum Technique Bar

The Aluminum Technique Barbell is built from aluminum (I know, who woulda thought?) and features a lightweight 45lb total capacity. This means that you can load up to 15 pounds on each side before needing to switch over to a traditional Olympic barbell. And while Aluminum Technique Bar is much lighter in design and capacity, it can still be used for some actual strength training — not just for empty bar practice. This means that as long as you won’t be loading it beyond its 45lb limit, then you DON’T have to shift over to a 45lb barbell halfway through your warm-up sets… which means you get more time to scroll for memes 📱

This technique bar definitely beats a dowel for technique work. Its lightweight aluminum construction provides just the right amount of resistance, allowing you to focus on your form without compromising safety. Whether you’re working on your snatch or clean and jerk, it’s designed to guide you towards perfect execution. And thanks to the 51.5″ distance between the sleeves, it’s rackable in almost most power racks — making it useful for traditional barbell lifts, too! Gain confidence, improve your muscle memory, and unlock your true potential with the barbell that makes technique a top priority.

The Aluminum Technique Barbell is designed to accommodate lifters of all skill levels. Whether you just need a lighter bar as you’re getting started in your fitness journey or you train older folks or young athletes, this bar is an excellent solution. The knurling is passive to avoid tearing up your hands hands, but it still features those universal dual markings — this way you get practice using the same markings that are found on a 35lb bar and 45lb barbell. And hey, it’s even useful for stronger lifters on days you where you’d prefer to gently ease into your workout.


Specs - Aluminum Technique Bar
Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 15lbs/6.8kg
Length 72"/1829mm
Diameter 1.075"/27mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 9.25"/235mm
Knurling Light
Material Aluminum
Total Weight Capacity 45lbs/20.4kg
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: To extend the lifespan of your Technique Bar, dropping this barbell should be avoided. Due to its aluminum construction, it has a 45lb total weight capacity.

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