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Live the High Roller Life

HighRoller is the worlds most functional and effective muscle care device for better and faster recovery, and is the most ergonomic foam roller on the market. Easy and comfortable exercise positions allow HighRoller to be suitable for any user. Used by multiple professional athletes, gyms and rehabilitation centers in Europe and an Olympic gold medalist. Sport Product of the Year 2015 in Finland.


  • Legs adjust to several heights and angles to be suitable for many different stretches
  • Comes with black carry bag for foam roller, pockets for legs
  • Most ergonomic foam roller on the market
  • Allows for easy movements to promote the best results
  • Release adnate fascia and returns shortened muscles to normal length
  • Improves blood circulation, metabolism and relaxes soft tissues

HighRoller Difference - The Adjustable Stand:

  • Keeps HighRoller in place during the workout - no need to fix your exercise positions all the time
  • Makes rolling easier, more comfortable and effective because you can find a good exercise position without unnecessary muscle tensing
  • Makes it possible to keep the weight of the body on the roller - you dont need to keep your body weight on your hands, wrists or shoulders
  • 3 positions: high, low and angled, to help you find a comfortable and effective rolling position
How to Use:

The legs are shipped inside the roller, so the first time you open the HighRoller box you'll need to unscrew the end caps on either end of the roller. The end caps unscrew, you can remove the stand components/legs and screw the caps back in place. The legs are easy to assemble, they are labeled with an A and B.

Place the muscle on top of the HighRoller and roll the muscle back and forth. Adjust the pressure on the muscle while using the roller. Add pressure when rolling towards the heart and reduce pressure when rolling to the extremities. Keep the muscles facing the roller as relaxed as possible throughout the exercise.

Remove the aluminum stands from one side to get the HighRoller at an angle. With the angled position you can easily massage the outer thigh. When you remove the stands from both sides, you can use HighRoller in a low position and roll your upper back.

Tips for Getting the Best Results:

1. Calm and slow movements

HighRoller rolls around its axle very fast so it is important to do movements slowly and calmly. Do not sit on the HighRoller when the legs are attached in its highest position.

2. Always focus pressure downwards towards the ground

Ensure that the direction of pressure is wholly towards the ground vertically and not horizontal. Horizontal pressure can cause the roller to fall.

3. Keep the muscle you are rolling relaxed

Tensing the muscle you are rolling reduces the effectiveness of the massage. Keep your body relaxed and find the most comfortable position.

4. Remember to breathe

Breathing calmly helps you relax. Exhale when you roll towards the heart, inhale when you roll away from the heart.

5. Improve your fluid circulation

Roll towards the heart with more pressure and return away from the heart without pressure.

6. Avoid pain

Rolling shouldnt be so painful that you start to tense your body and stop breathing. Some discomfort is normal, but you should be able to breathe calmly and relax.


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