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NÜOBELLs are the most cutting-edge adjustable dumbbells on the market — saving you time, space and (lots of) dolla-dolla bills.

NÜOBELL gives you the convenience of an all-in-one adjustable dumbbell that is easy to use and with superior durability from its machined steel weight plates.

Available in 5-50lb or 5-80lb with an optional stand, these innovative dumbbells will quickly become your go-to favorite gym piece.


Benefits of NÜOBELL Adjustable Dumbbells

    When you’re ready to change the weight, simply put the NÜOBELL back in its cradle and turn the handle in the appropriate direction to add or remove 5lbs. A heavenly click lets you know your next weight increment is locked and loaded. Within seconds, you’re ready to continue your biceps-pumping superset or to let your workout partner work in with you.

    One pair of 5-80lb NÜOBELLs replaces 16 pairs of regular dumbbells. Even if you use a dumbbell rack to use your space more efficiently, the latter will take up almost 16 ft² versus just 4.3 ft² for two NÜOBELLs on stands. Oh, and that 5-80lb Hex DB set with two storage racks will cost you over $4,000… so, who doesn’t love saving money?

    These ain’t some cheap knock-offs. No way, pal. We’re one of the exclusive resellers in Canada that are authorized to sell authentic NÜOBELLs. When buying with us, you know that you’re getting the real deal adjustable dumbbell with a solid 2-year warranty to back it up.
    A quick look online and you’ll find all kinds of adjustable dumbbells with rubber or foam coated handles, and in awkward shapes. Not here, bucko — the NÜOBELL is a step above. With its medium knurled handle and patent-pending design, it actually feels like a traditional dumbbell. No cage-like frame or ridiculously long skeleton, just a well-crafted design for a natural feel.



Weight Ranges: 5-50lbs or 5-80lbs
Weight Increments: 5lbs
Handle Diameter: 32mm
Handle Coating: Chrome
Knurling: Medium
Plate Material: Machined Steel
Plate/Handle Options: Black/Black, White/Black
Warranty: 2 Years (Void if dropped)

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